Kun.uz: PDPU candidate to the post of Prime Minister is approved by more than 60 percent of survey participants

Insider.uz Telegram channel runs an anonymous survey about candidates for the post of the Prime Minister, which will be nominated by the political party that wins the largest number of parliamentary seats in the upcoming December 22 Elections.

According to data released earlier by Kun.uz online publication, ​​37 percent (1070 people) of the total number of survey participants (3005 people) voted for the candidacy of Ochilboy Ramatov, who will be nominated by the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan in case of victory in the elections.

According to the latest survey information, Ochilboy Ramatov’s candidacy gained 67 percent of the vote. This is twice the total number of all answer options, reports the Information Service of the Central Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.

As of 11:30, 20.1 thousand people took part in the survey. The candidate from the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Ochilboy Ramatov is approved by 63 percent of the survey participants (12,664 people).

The most interesting, despite the fact that Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party did not propose a specific candidate for the post of the Head of the Government, 1 percent of participants (266 people) are ready to support the mysterious candidate.


Source: www.kun.uz


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