The People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan is my party!

Javlonbek ABDULLAYEV, student of Namangan State University:

— I have taken part in one of the open dialogues. During the conversation, many different opinions were expressed regarding current issues, the participants of which were mainly teachers, makhalla chairmen and representatives of a number of social organizations.

My attention was especially attracted by one important point. During the discussion of the topic, when it came to youth with disabilities, the majority of teachers and representatives of the social sphere pronounced the word “disabled” with some pity and compassion.

Who is a “disabled person” really?

I involuntarily recalled the words of the writer Tokhir Malik:

“There are many terms in our language, pleasant and not very, and sometimes pitiful. That is the word “disabled person”. God created each person special. Some are born with birth defects, others acquire them throughout life. All this is just an experience. The Almighty endowed man not only with reason, but also with great willpower in order to overcome these difficulties. However, not everyone finds within himself the strength to show his will power to the fullest. Lack of will means weakness, feebleness.

There are people who are absolutely healthy, but those who want to study, get an education, do not use the available opportunities, in a word lazy people and loafers. It would be reasonable to use the word “disabled person” in such cases!

If so, is it right to call a disabled person a person with a physical defect, but who studies, works, strives to achieve his goals?!

“Disabled”, “physically disabled”, “person with disabilities” ... Does it require a special intelligence or ingenuity to distinguish between these terms?!

All this is just my personal view. I say this not because I myself have a physical defect ... I just wanted to use my right to freedom of speech and share my emotions and disagreement with you...

Nevertheless, let us return directly to the topic. Having become acquainted with the Pre-Election Program of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, its goals and objectives, confidence in the implementation of my goals and intentions has strengthened in me. The practical actions undertaken by the party to establish the principles of social justice in society, protect the interests of people in need, people with disabilities, strengthened my confidence in it.

The People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan helped me find my place in life, among my peers, to become a socially active member of society, despite the limited physical ability, and even to master oratorical skills. I have joined the youth wing of the party Istiqbol, strengthened my self-confidence and determination.

I am one of the active young members of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, which I am immensely proud of!

From the first day of study, I realized that I should not be limited only to good study, sports and creativity, I need great achievements. I got acquainted with the program and activities of political parties operating in our country. Most of all I liked the program goals and objectives of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.

Before I became a member of the party, I did not know how to express my opinion correctly, to speak in front of an audience. Having taken part in party events, I have improved my vocabulary and speech culture. Now I can freely deliver a speech in front of large audiences, correctly convey my thoughts to the audience.

Activists of Namangan Regional Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan gave me great support in this, helped me become a socially active member of the party. At Istiqbol youth wing of the party, I have learned to be active and proactive, protect not only my rights and interests, but also the interests of people with disabilities. I am currently working on the implementation of several social projects in this direction.

By the way, in the elections of this year I intend to nominate my candidacy for deputies from the district council of the party. In the future, I want to become a leading specialist in my field, actively participate in the political process, and make a worthy contribution to the development of the country.

The People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan is a truly people’s party. It forwards on the agenda the issue of social assistance and assistance based on our national values ​​in the process of economic reforms. This program task distinguishes the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan from other parties. So, let us rally even more firmly unite around the party in the name of this good goal!

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