Pre-Election Program

Election Programme
of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan


Adopted on 28 October 2019

by the XI Congress of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan


The People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan defines its programme goals, first of all, on the basis of all-national interests of maintenance and consolidation of independence of Uzbekistan, ensuring the prosperity of the Motherland, securing social stability, civic and interethnic accord in the country, achieving welfare of each family and the whole people.

The main strategic goal of Uzbekistan development, it is to join the community of developed democratic states with high living standards, to secure merited position in the world community is entirely subjected to these interests.

The practical implementation of the Action Strategy on Five Priority Development Areas of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017 – 2021, aimed at radical improvement of the reforms under way, establishment of conditions for securing comprehensive and sustainable development of the state and society, modernization of the country and liberalization all the spheres of life has a special significance in this respect.

The active participation in practical implementation of the priorities of the Actions Strategy has been the main direction of the activities of the party.

Taking part in election campaign, the PDP of Uzbekistan committed to gain the majority of seats in the parliament with the views to obtain necessary capacity to impact on law making, shaping the executive power bodies, defining the priorities of social and economic development and their efficient implementation.


The Priority of Social Development Is the Basis of the Party’s Political Stand

The People’s Democratic Party considers shaping of the social democratic state meeting the criteria of social justice and equality, social solidarity, and social democracy in Uzbekistan to be its highest objective.

Raising social efficiency of the reforms under way is the key priority in the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan’s policy. In medium term, bringing Uzbekistan to the community of countries with quality of people’s life not lower than that achieved in the medium developed countries of the world by 2030 through sustainable economic development is the goalpost.

The party considers that while identifying the way for achieving the goal it is necessary to proceeded from social and economic interests of the social groups in need of targeted social protection and social support of the government. These are:

- retired people, disabled persons, parents of the disabled child, women in the multi-child families, children left without parents’ care, single elderlies, and other vulnerable groups of population who are received pensions and social reliefs at the level insufficient for full satisfaction of their vital needs;

- able-bodied population not employed in the economy, people experiencing difficulties to find a job, including the young people just entering the labour market after graduation from the educational institutions;

- the people, who do not have a permanent job and stable gains for the reason of lack of professional qualification, including internal and external migrant workers.

According to the PDP of Uzbekistan, in is necessary to use growing economic potential of the country to raise level and quality of life of the less supplied groups of population. This is one of the main factors of further strengthening of the situation of social stability and civic concord in the country, and the most important condition for securing sustainable social and economic growth.

Guided by these priorities, the party aims, leaning оn own deputies for support, to strive for consistent raising of social efficiency of the economic reforms under way, strengthening of active civic position, developing of the relations of social partnership in the society.

In implementing the tasks with regard of vital needs of the vulnerable groups of population, the party counts on the support of those people, who is interested in sustainable social and economic development.

The party’s slogan for these matters is:

We are for the harmonic social development which is the main factor of economic reforms efficiency!


Increasing of Living Standards of Lower-Income Groups of Population, Retired, Disabled People

According to the PDP of Uzbekistan, high level of the social protection of vulnerable groups of people is a reliable foundation for the social stability of society.

The party holds that the system of pension support and payment of social reliefs to retired people, disabled persons, parents of the disabled child, women in the multi-child families, single elderlies and children left without parents’ care,  other vulnerable groups of population must be based on the criteria established by the National Goals and Objectives in the Area of Sustainable Development for the Period to 2030.

For these ends the party will strive for enshrining in the laws and practicing of:

- of Minimal Government Social Standards defining the list of free-of-charge social services and securing the procedure of their providing  to the less supplied and other vulnerable groups of population;

- absolute indices of living standards of population accepted in the international community, these are subsistence minimum and consumer basket, and procedure of their application, into practice while developing and realisation of social policies, the government social progammes, as well as defining the minimal wage level, size of pensions, stipends, reliefs and other social benefits set by the government.

For these ends, the Party intends to develop and submit through own faction in the Parliament and as a legislative initiative the respective draft Law and proposal on amendment to the ancillary legislative acts.

The Party, as well, will strive for inclusion or the whole time on the parental leave till the child is 3 years old in the record of service necessary for accruing pension. With this respect, the Party aims to develop and submit proposals on respectively amending the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the State Retirement Insurance of the Citizens”.

The PDP of Uzbekistan aim to exercise parliamentary, deputy’s, and public oversite over the following matters:

- further development of the system of public and public-private incentives for entrepreneurship activity and workers from home of less supplied families’ members, including unemployed, ablebodied people with disabilities, and women that will stimulate overcoming dependent mood with that part of population;

- providing the persons with disabilities with soft loans for development of private businesses as well as private subsidiary plots;

- on the basis of the citizens’ self-government bodies, further development of the system of consultation centres and other forms of free-of-charge training of the less supplied capable citizens on bases of running businesses and entrepreneurship provided for by the laws, and advising them on the relevant legal and economic matters.

The Party considers it necessary enhancement of care of and attention to the needs of the lonely elderly, children left without parents’ care, and persons with disabilities that need nursing care. For these ends, the Party intends to carry out the following measures:

- as a member of Parliament’s and public supervision, to study the state of work on establishing favourable condition for the lonely elderly, children left without parents’ care, and persons with disabilities that need nursing care and live in the Murivvat (Compassion), Sakhovat (Generosity), and Mehribonlik (Mersy) boarding facilities;

- to study the best practices of the developed countries of employment of mechanisms of public private partnership and social entrepreneurship for providing social services to the lonely elderly, children left without parents’ care, and persons with disabilities needing nursing care

- based on the results of study and dialogue with the respective social groups of people to develop and through the Party’s parliamentary faction, as an legislative initiative, to submit proposal aimed at inclusion of certain procedure mechanisms of implementation of public private partnership and social entrepreneurship  in the area of providing social services to people into legislation.

The PDP of Uzbekistan will carry out immediate practical actions for establishing of the necessary conditions for the inhabitants of aforementioned facilities to take part in the cultural and social life, as well.

For protection of social interests of people, bringing the rate of the people of scanty means, prevention of the excessive expenses causing serious damage to the social interests and moral pillars of lives of the vulnerable groups of people, the party aimesto submit proposals on:

- the legislative enshrining of the order of holding weddings, family, anniversary celebrations, commemoration ceremonies, and other family events;

- improvement of efficiency of clarification and enlightenment work on the real meaning and significance of the cultural values and traditions that have taken shape historically.

The Party aims as well, taking into account the international best practices, to undertake the following measures for the radical improvement of protection of the rights and interests of disabled people:

- together with the Ministries of Finance, Health, Employment and Labour Relations, to develop and submit certain proposals and the government subsidies of the activities of the disabled people’s public associations, on the establishment of specialized enterprises for the disabled through the centralized government investments, as well as on the procedure of providing such enterprises with the government social order by the bodies of the state governance for implementation of socially and publically significant projects;

- through own parliamentary faction, as established, to initiate the matter of ratification of the UN Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The party’s slogan with this regard is:

We are for the reliable social security of people that is fundamental for the social stability!


Providing social availability of staple goods and services – an important priority of the targeted social policy

The People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan stands out for establishment of the efficient government and public oversite over formation of prices of socially significant goods and services with the view that prices and tariffs should not grow beyond parameters established by relevant regulatory legal acts.

For that end, the party proposes to:

- enshrine in laws the procedure of defining the list and government regulation of prices of goods and services of socially important significance;

- establish lower rates of customs duties and other customs fees for the goods of important social significance if their production does not meet demand of the domestic market;

- introduce the procedure determining that part of the revenue from import duties are used for the purpose of preferential loans for manufacturing of socially significant goods replacing imported ones;

- undertake additional measures to set limits to monopolistic position of private companies producing socially significant goods and services in the market by means of introduction of procedure norms of mandatory split-off similar monopolistic enterprises and singling out of independent economic entities from them;

- to study international best practices of the legal regulation of establishing shops for selling socially important good and foodstuffs for the less supplied groups of people and development of such trade chains. Based on the results of study, to develop certain proposals on implementation of such practices in the Uzbekistan conditions.

The party’s slogan with this regard is:

We stand out for securing provision of full-fledged meeting of vital needs of each person!


Securing Social Availability of Housing and Municipal Services

Securing available and quality housing for socially vulnerable groups of population is an important area of social protection.

It is necessary for this end to:

- legally enshrine mandatory transfer from the profits of civil engineering companies and commercial banks building mortgage elite housing with accumulation of this transfers for subsequent use in construction of social housing for the vulnerable groups of people, including women without housing, those in difficult housing conditions, alumni of the Mehribonlik boarding facilities;

- to expand construction of affordable housing for the vulnerable groups of people, including persons with disability, parents raising children with disabilities, women in difficult social conditions, less supplied mothers raising children in incomplete families and needing improvement of their housing conditions. And improvement of the mortgage loans providing practices in the area as well.

For the purpose of raising the level of social availability of housing and municipal services and housing maintenance services in apartment blocks, the party aims to strive, as well, to:

- revise legal provisions on attributing the entities on providing services of centralised heating and hot water supply and removal and disposal of hard waste to natural monopolies;

- develop alternative separate form of providing municipal services not connected to the net utility infrastructure;

- legally enshrine the norms of shaping prices and tariffs for municipal services and profitability limit of organisations suppliers of municipal services by means of drafting and enacting of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Basics of Tariffs of Municipal Services and Services of Maintenance of Housing Stock Regulation”;

- secure openness of related data and enhancing public oversite over setting tariffs for municipal services aimed at exclusion of instances prices and tariffs overrating with the purpose of covering non-productive losses of municipal services suppliers;

- compliment the laws with clear procedure provisions as for organization of housing stock operation and raising mutual responsibility of suppliers and consumers of the main municipal services.

The party proposes to carry out practical measures, too, on:

- full coverage of the housing stock with meters of power, natural gas, drinking water, heat energy, and hot water, installed on the account of the organisations providing municipal services;

- transferring all the meters of municipal serviced provided to the balance sheets of supplier organisations with charging them with obligation of maintenance, repair, and regular calibration of meters.

While addressing the relevant issues, the Party aims to interact on a systematic basis with the state bodies, carry out the efficient parliamentary, deputy, and public supervision over activities of their territorial structures on sites.

Along with that, the party will take practical part in carrying out on site deputy and public oversite over identification of inconsistently accrued and levied debts on municipal services and restoration of the rights of municipal services consumers violated with this respect.

The party’s slogan with this regard is:

We stand out for development of socially responsible housing and municipal sphere!


Securing Social Availability of Health Services

Securing the social availability of main health services for less provided groups of population especially relating to prevention and treatment of socially dangerous diseases is an important direction of social policy.

For this end, the party intends to:

- to develop and through own parliamentary faction, as legislative initiative, to submit the proposals on  legislative enshrining the list of compulsory health services provided free of charge in all the health facilities with no regard of property form and sources of funding; as well as procedure mechanisms of mandatory health insurance;

- to strive for resolution of the matter of organizing of annual free-of-charge health examination of less supplied groups of population, persons with disabilities, other vulnerable groups of people in the government owned health facilities no matter their forms of ownership and sources of their funding;

- to promote improvement of the system of preferences to purchase pharmaceutical remedies, medical supplies, prosthetic means, and other social services in the area of health care, exercising the efficient public oversight in this area.

Along with that, the party proposes to consider the matter of passing the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the State Regulation of Prices of Pharmaceutical Remedies, Medical Supplies, and Medical Accessories”.

Addressing these matters, the party will aim the efforts of its deputies’ associations to implementing of efficient parliamentary and deputies’ oversight over providing medical care and provision of pharmaceutical remedies and medical accessories to the pensioners, persons with disabilities, lower-income families, people in Muruvvat, Sakhovat, and Mehribonlik boarding facilities, and other vulnerable groups of population, as well as over the development of the network and the activities of social pharmacies.


The party’s slogan for these matters is

We stand out for providing each member of society with equal opportunities for strengthening his or her health!


Social Equality and Education

Securing social equality in the area of educations is one of the main factors of shaping a modern democratic society in the country.

With this regard, the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan considers it important to focus of realization of the following priorities in the area of education:

- expanding the network of free-of-charge and reduced rate government of pre-school education and upbringing with transition, in middle run, to mandatory pre-school education and upbringing of children 6 years of age and establishment of the groups for the children up to 3 years of age at the preschool facilities;

- organizing, through local bodies of pre-school education governance, of working from home, in the capacity of pre-school educators, of women with relevant pedagogical educational background but unemployed due to taking care of children of pre-school age, including that within the framework of programme of visiting preschool age children at home on the purpose of providing Нomevisits educational services;

 In order to increase the social availability of higher education for lower-income groups of population the Party proposes to:

- establish privileged conditions for enrolment of the rural area youth in higher pedagogical, medical, and other educational facilities preparing specialist for rural areas on the government grants under condition that they will work, upon graduation of respective educational facilities, in that rural populated areas where they lived before enrolment;

- provide soft educational loans for students from lower-income families studying on the basis of paid contract;

- undertake measures to increase level of availability of studying at the higher educational facilities for the disabled people.

The party proposes as well to define by the law the procedure and criteria of establishing size of tuition in non-government educational institutions, established through public private partnership, with the view not to allow them to become privileged educational institutions available for the families with high level of income, only.

Here, the PDP of Uzbekistan considered it necessary to enshrine in the laws the suitable procedure mechanisms and carry out efficient parliamentary, deputy’s and public oversight over:

- the organisation of education of the gifted children from the law-income families at non-government owned pre-school educational institutions and secondary schools, including that by means of developing the respective forms of public private partnership;

- providing the school students with right of free journey in the public transportation;

- taking into account the international best practices, formation of up-to-date administrative and legal mechanisms of the government regulation of the higher education system development, including optimisation of educational contracts, establishing sizes of stipends in conjunction with academic achievements of the students and their participation in innovative activities at the level sufficient for satisfying their life necessities, providing all the needing students with convenient housing conditions in the dormitories, ect,;

- organising of robust and healthy nourishing for the pupils of the pre-school education institutions and school students;

- further development of the inclusive education system, which includes the provision of benefits to teachers and the publishing and purchase of the necessary special literature and aids for children with disabilities, including that with sound support and the Braille alphabet, envisaging funding for these purposes from the government budget;

The party’s slogan for these matters is

We stand out for equal access to education for everybody, which is a foundation for the intellectual potential of the country to grow!


Provision of Equal Opportunities in the Cultural and Humanitarian Spheres

Lead by the principles of social equality in all the spheres of social life, the PDP of Uzbekistan holds that the sufficient conditions have taken place at the present stage of the reforms for further expansion of the government support of gifted and talented children from lower-income families including support of gifted and talented children with physical impairments. For these ends, according to party, it is necessary to consider the following matters:

- on establishment of effective procedural mechanisms for the early identification of children's abilities and their harmonious development;

- on establishment of a system of government grants to support gifted and talented children from lower-income families;

- on increase in budget expenditures to finance the development of cultural institutions, Barkamol Avlod (Harmonic Generation) children's schools and music and art schools in remote and out-of-the-way rural areas;

- on release of lower-income families of parents’ payment to the об Barkamol Avlod children's schools;

- on further development of infrastructure available for lower-income groups of population for organization of leisure-time and going in for sports of the youth especially those in remote and out-of-the-way rural populated areas.

For providing the social availability of the objects of tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the country for lower-income groups of population the party proposes to consider the matter of establishing specialized funds for sponsoring tours to the main sites of culture and history of Uzbekistan.

The party’s slogan for these matters is

We stand out for the equal opportunities in cultural and humanitarian spheres, which the foundation for shaping harmoniously developed generation!


Social Economy Is the Basis of Strong Social Policy

The People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan considers that the saturation of the domestic market with domestically produced goods with high added value is a key factor in ensuring sustainable economic development.

To this end, the party believes it is necessary to study, at the level of local khokimiyats, the needs of the territories in food and non-food consumer goods and to make a forecast of the development of consumer demand taking into account the current trends of population growth. At the same time, special attention should be paid to those groups of goods for the production of which the necessary resources are available in the respective territories.

On this basis, the party proposes to develop and approve territorial medium-term programs for the development of the production of relevant goods, based on specific cities and districts, balanced with territorial employment and job creation programs and training programs for professionals with secondary vocational and higher education.

In order to stimulate the business activity of small businesses and private entrepreneurship in the implementation of these programs, the party proposes:

- Introduce into practice, at the district and city levels, the implementation of access of small businesses and private entrepreneurship to preferential financial, credit and material resources for the implementation of the most effective economically justified business projects;

- to envisage the creation of special district and city investment funds for the development of import-substituting production by directing part of the proceeds from customs duties on imported goods sold in the respective territories to the relevant local budgets;

- Introduce “production mortgage” (establishment of turn-key enterprises at the expense of investment resources of commercial banks with subsequent sale on credit or leasing to business entities) and zero-interest loans for implementation of justified business projects on production of import-substituting socially significant goods and services.

Concentration of efforts on the solution of this complex of tasks contributes to the realization of a number of long-term social interests of the unemployed labour capacitated population in the economy:

- the outstripping creation of new stable jobs in the production sector, which provide for higher wages;

- expansion of the range of national producers entering the domestic market with their goods promotes the development of healthy competition and, as a result, improvement of the quality of goods and stabilization of consumer prices.

Besides, achieving domestic competitiveness is important in order to achieve the competitiveness of domestically produced goods in external markets as well.

The PDP of Uzbekistan believes that liberalisation of the economy and the formation of a market system do not in themselves guarantee the achievement of social goals of economic growth. In this regard, it is necessary to form a system of democratic state and social regulation and control over economic development. To this end, the party intends to strive for:

- the widespread introduction of social dialogue and democratic social control mechanisms for the implementation of structural reforms in the economy and the introduction of new technologies to ensure that these processes are accompanied by an increase in the employment rate of the population in stable, high-paid jobs and to ensure an adequate level of occupational safety and health and environmental friendliness of production;

- formation of a modern system of technological expertise with participation in it, in the order of social partnership, of the trade unions and other civil society institutions;

- creation of an effective system of public control over investments, ensuring the protection of public interests in investment policy.

The party will initiate public hearings, consultations and other forms of direct dialogue with the people through its parliamentary faction, party groups in the Kengashes of People's Deputies and party organizations on the ground in order to implement the relevant tasks.

Supporting the measures taken in the country to increase the export of agricultural products, the party supports the adoption of additional measures to ensure that this does not lead to a decrease in saturation of the domestic market and an increase in prices for food products of own production. To this end, the party will organize public monitoring of the relevant segments of the consumer market, following the results of which it will, through own party groups in the Kengashes of People's Deputies, make proposals on taking the necessary measures to stabilize the prices of food products produced in the country.

The party’s slogan for these matters is

We stand out for development of a social economy that ensures the well-being of all!


Employment policy

The People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan considers that providing employment of labour capacitated population in the stable jobs with the wages exceeding the amount of social benefits must be the main area of the targeted social protection of labour capacitated population.

Interacting on these matters with the Ministry of Employment and Labour relations and its territorial departments, the PDP of Uzbekistan intends to carry out parliamentary and deputy’s oversight over practical implementation of state order for providing employment of population and establishment of new jobs. 

At the same time, employing democratic mechanisms of impact on solving the respective tasks, the party will pursue strict respect of set quotas for securing adequate labour employment of the people with disabilities.

The Party will, as well. to strive for enhancement of the level of legal guarantees for women’s, alumi’s of the Mehribonlik boarding facilities, other vulnerable groups of people’s  placement in jobs,  including strict respect for the principle of equal pay for equal work

For these ends, the Party aims to develop and through own parliamentary faction, as a legislative initiative, to submit proposals for amending the Labour Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan with respective provisions and procedure mechanisms.

The party strives to promote the development of new efficient organization forms of work from home. In particular, the NDP of Uzbekistan intends to focus the efforts of its party groups in the local Kengashes on the identification of  needs and the development and submission of relevant proposals for consideration by the Kengashes on the development of work from home and participation in appropriate forms of public-private partnership for women raising preschool-aged children.

For attraction of highly qualified and experiences specialists for working at the rural area health care stations, school, and other organisations of social sphere located in the remote villages, the Party aims to develop and submit, through its parliamentary faction, as a legislative initiative, proposals on enshrining of the system of financial and moral incentives for such workers in the laws.

In order to encourage businesses to create stable jobs with wages higher than the average nominal accrued wage in the relevant sectors and territories, the party proposes to consider the following issues:

- on setting differentiated rates for payments to off-budget social funds equated to taxes, calculated on the basis of wages and salaries (the reverse scale for enterprises - the higher the average wage, the lower the single social payment rate);

- on non-application of statutory tax benefits and establishment of higher rates of profit tax for enterprises and private entrepreneurs who pay wages at a level lower than the average nominal gross salary in the relevant sectors and territories.

In order to enhancement of social protection of women in difficult social situation, who do not have permanent jobs, the Party aims, together with its social partners:

- as deputies’ and public control, to study the situation in so called mardikor-bazars (daily laborers’ markets), and on that basis to identify causes of inefficiency of normative and legal acts aimed at regulating provision of one time provisional jobs to the citizens;

- to study the international best practices in pursuing government policies in the area of employment and controlling unemployment;

- by the results of study, to prepare and through the parliamentary faction to submit as an legislative initiative proposals on amending, as necessary, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Employment of People” and ancillary legislative acts.

The party’s slogan for these matters is

We stand out for securing decent labour conditions for every person!


Social democracy and social equality in state and public construction and in the judicial legal sphere

The People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan advocates the establishment of the system of social democracy in the country. This includes ensuring equality for vulnerable segments of the population in the State, public and judicial spheres.

To this end, the party proposes to consider and address the following matters:

- Introducing a mechanism of mandatory public consultations with parliamentary factions of political parties and party groups in the Kengashes of People's Deputies before decisions are taken by the executive authorities on issues that affect the most important aspects of the country's social and economic life, affect the satisfaction of the social interests and vital needs of the population, and are of particular public interest;

- enshrining in law of the obligation of public discussion and public examination of draft regulatory legal acts, which significantly change the order and level of targeted social protection of vulnerable segments of the population, through the adoption of the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the assessment of the impact of legislative acts” and “On public discussion and public examination of draft regulatory legal acts”, as well as the introduction of necessary amendments to the Laws “On public oversight” and “On openness of the activities of bodies of state power and governance”;

- establishment, on the basis of the government services centres, of desks ensuring, within the framework of the “e-government” system, free access for vulnerable segments of the population to public discussion and public examination of draft laws and other regulatory and legal acts, as well as to familiarization with the texts of adopted laws and other regulatory and legal acts, in particular with the texts of regulatory and legal acts of the Kengashes of People's Deputies and relevant local executive bodies.

Consistent provision of access to judicial mechanisms for the protection of citizens' rights, further strengthening of the rule of law, strict respect of the principle of equality of all before the law - equality of rights, equality of duties and equal opportunities are the main priorities of the party in reforming the judicial and legal sphere.

In order to address these challenges in practice, the party intends to pursue:

- formulation and adoption of the National Human Rights Action Programme, which provides for measures to improve parliamentary, deputies’ and public oversight of the strict respect for the civil, political, economic and social rights of vulnerable groups;

- ensuring the social accessibility of the system of legal aid and services for vulnerable population groups and, to that end, developing a network of specialized social enterprises – “legal clinics” - that provide free legal advice to vulnerable population groups, including through the establishment of such advisory offices attached to party groups in the Kengashes of people's deputies and local party organizations;

- further improving the effectiveness of efforts to improve the legal culture and create a system of legal advice for the population on the basis of citizens' self-governance bodies, including systematic advice for representatives of vulnerable groups on vital issues that they raise in their communications to State bodies and to deputies of the Legislative Chamber and local Kengashes.

Attaching a lot of attention to the matters of protection of honour, dignity, business reputation, and safety of health care and education workers, the Party finds it necessary:

- through own faction, as parliamentary supervision, to carry our inventory of the Laws “On Protection of Health of Citizens” and “On Education” for the purpose of presence of respective provisions there, as well as respective law enforcement practices;

- to study the international best practices of legal regulation of the matters of protection of honour, dignity, business reputation, and safety of the health care and education workers;

- as a result of study, through own faction, as legislative initiative, to submit proposals for amendment the Laws “On Protection of Health of Citizens” and “On Education” and ancillary legislative acts.

The party’s slogan for these matters is:

We stand out for social equality: equality of rights and opportunities for their practicing!


Ensuring Social Stability in the Society

The People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan believes that in the face of the growing threat of information ideological extremism, it is very important to counter this threat with social cohesion of the society.

The party sees its task in these issues, including that of local and primary organizations, as further effective support for the work of the state and civil society institutions in promoting ideological immunity and strengthening the ideas of national independence in society.

In this regard, the party also intends to ensure more active participation of all its links in further improving the work on strengthening the institution of the family and upbringing of a harmoniously developed generation.

In today’s conditions, according to the party, youth policy should be increasingly aimed at more active involvement of young people in the political life of the society. It is necessary to give perspective young people an opportunity to show themselves in deputy activity, in work in political parties.

The party believes that in order to maintain stability in society, it is advisable to create effective mechanisms for the expeditious identification and resolution of social problems that may cause increased social tension. An important element of such a mechanism could be the organization, at the level of local and primary organizations of political parties, of systematic monitoring of the state of socio-economic situation and moods of basic social groups of the population.

It is necessary that each such monitoring should be followed up with adequate and prompt decisions on the outcome of each such monitoring. At the same time, it is important for people to know that it is the acting parties that contribute to the objective and fair resolution of their social problems, which in principle excludes the need to address these issues to the “third forces”. For its part, the party intends to take measures to improve the efficiency of the Public reception desks operating under the local councils of the party and to strengthen their interaction with the party groups of the PDP of Uzbekistan in the local Kengashes of people's deputies.

The party’s slogan for these matters is:

We stand out for strengthening of civil accord and social stability in the country!



In setting these program priorities, the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan intends, in the context of healthy competition with other parties in the country for the support of voters, to seek a worthy place in the forthcoming elections in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, ensuring the creation of an influential parliamentary faction. At the same time, the PDP of Uzbekistan will fight for the achievement of leading positions in local representative bodies of state power.

This will create the necessary conditions for the implementation of the party's program objectives, with its participation in the work of the elected bodies of State power, and will make it possible to ensure that the PDP of Uzbekistan has an effective influence on the adoption and effective implementation of laws and other State decisions in the interests of promoting the principles of social equality, social justice and social solidarity in society.

We stand out for Ensuring the well-being of every person that is the key to the progress of the Motherland! Vote for us!