PDPU’s Draft New Program and the Pre-Election Program are discussed

These days, meetings and roundtable discussions are being organized at the local level with participation of representatives of the general public, deputies of district (city), regional councils of people’s deputies, devoted to a broad discussion of the draft new Program and the Pre-Election Program of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.

The VI Conference of Kashkadarya regional organizations of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan was held at the regional Association of Trade Union Organizations. The conference began its work with an analysis of the organizational and political tasks entrusted to party organizations in connection with the upcoming elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis and local kengashes of people’s deputies this year, as well as work carried out to protect the interests of the electorate. In addition, participants of the event widely discussed the new Program and the Pre-Election Program of the party, party activists and deputies made important suggestions for their further improvement.

As noted, the new Program and the Party’s Pre-Election Program forward such important ideas as improving the well-being of low-income people, pensioners, people with disabilities, creating an effective system for providing them with housing and work, achieving acceptability of medical and communal services, and stimulating people’s aspirations to a good life.

The new programs define the priorities of social development as the basis of the party’s political position. The main task in this case is to increase the social efficiency of economic reforms, as well as in the medium term, joining Uzbekistan to the number of countries with average development in terms of living standards. The party believes that in order to achieve these goals it is necessary to strengthen targeted social protection on the part of the state, taking into account the interests, needs of the population. In this direction, the Party’s Pre-Election Program outlines a number of important tasks.

During the discussions, the essence and significance of tasks outlined in the Pre-Election Program, their compliance with the interests of the electorate were analyzed using life examples. It was noted that in order to ensure social accessibility of housing and utilities, the party proposes to implement a number of measures until 2024. In particular, it is proposed to fully provide the housing stock with electricity, natural gas, drinking water and hot water at the expense of utilities supply organizations, transfer all utility metering devices to their balance sheet, entrust them with the task of their maintenance, repair and regular inspection. Party members and deputies supported the proposals in this direction.

At the conference, activities of the regional party organization and the deputy association over the past five years were also analyzed. Important tasks ahead were outlined.

It was emphasized that over the past five years, the party organization has carried out a number of practical work on ensuring the implementation of the Party’s pre-election program, protecting the interests of the electorate, and socio-economic development of the territories.

Within the framework of the regional, district and city councils of the party, the projects “Rendering kindness and mercy to every person are our duty!”, forums “Social protection – let them take the initiative”, representatives of the party and sponsor organizations visited 610 people with disabilities. Based on the appeals, 347 issues were studied, and necessary assistance was provided to resolve them.

Within the framework of the projects “Women’s employment is the key to the wellbeing of a family”, “Employment of the population is the most optimal way of social protection”, 541 events were organized by the regional, district and city councils of the party. In addition, within the framework of projects, assistance was provided in employment of 575 women, 306 women were involved in home-based work, 263 received necessary assistance in obtaining loans, 180 in establishing their own business.

As it was noted, party groups in local councils of people's deputies play a major role in socio-economic development of territories, solving problems concerning the population. During the reporting period, party groups in district (city) kengashes of people’s deputies on the basis of the Party’s Practical Action Program for 2015-2019, 184 issues were considered by party groups, 169 issues were addressed at meetings of relevant standing commissions, 60 were addressed at sessions, and relevant decisions were made on them. At the initiative of the party groups, 24 issues were additionally studied, 15 of which were submitted for discussion at the sessions.

During the reporting period, the Public Reception at the Party Regional Council received about 200 written and more than 100 oral appeals, most of which were resolved positively.

In the context of district and city party councils for 2015-2019, 2844 appeals were received in public reception offices. Particular attention was paid to their comprehensive study and solution.

At the conference, other organizational issues related to the activities of party organization were also considered, relevant decisions were made.

At the conference, an answer was heard about the activities of Kashkadarya regional party organization over the past five years. Delegates to the next Kurultai of the People’s Democratic Party were elected.


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