We will use all our strength and opportunities to make women happy with their lives

Women and youth make up a significant part of the population of our country. Many social problems that we face in our society are closely related to them. Therefore, our most important task is to actively work with them, conduct open conversations, identify their needs and requirements, interests.

Based on this, the Women’s Wing of our party is working on the implementation of targeted measures in this direction. We have recently developed a project called “Supporting Women” aimed at solving their problems and providing the necessary assistance.

Our main goal is to organize work in the context of mahallas, visit each family, study, analyze and find solutions to the problems of each woman, as well as establish parliamentary and public control over how the conditions and opportunities created for women are implemented locally. At the same time, we will pay special attention to the comprehensive support of women, strengthening their status in society.

So, today we are faced with the following main tasks:

  • To involve unemployed, non-professional women, as well as women from poor families, in training and professional courses at “Ishga Markhamat” monocenters and women’s entrepreneurship centers;
  • Provide the necessary assistance to unemployed women wishing to develop subsidiary farming in the organization of greenhouses, the purchase of irrigation equipment, seeds and seedlings at the expense of subsidies allocated by the state;
  • Provide assistance to unemployed women in the appointment of unemployment benefits;
  • Facilitate the provision of housing or compensation for rental housing for women living in non-residential buildings, as well as those who live in difficult conditions and need housing;
  • Provide assistance in obtaining preferential loans without collateral for women who have a certificate from a non-governmental educational organization and have promising business ideas.
  • identify vacant buildings and structures at places (mahallas) and make proposals to the hokimiyats for the creation of small businesses and sewing workshops for women, depending on the needs of the territory.

We also studied the local implementation of laws and regulations on women’s issues and approved an action plan for their introduction in the relevant enterprises and organizations. At the same time, the implementation of the approved forecast parameters will be monitored to promote employment in the territory. In the context of enterprises, the issue of creating quota vacancies for those in need of social protection, mothers of large families and single mothers will be studied. Monitoring will be established for the approval of the forecast indicators of districts and cities for public works, as well as the timely payment of wages to women involved in public work.

The problems will be submitted for consideration to the local Councils of People’s Deputies. Relevant issues will be included in the agenda of deputy groups, standing commissions and sessions. Appropriate decisions will be made, and problems will be eliminated.

Of course, the effective implementation of these tasks will play an important role in protecting the interests of women, ensuring their employment and increasing income. To achieve this goal, we must work together and work hard.

For this, it is necessary to strengthen interaction between the responsible persons of the party and deputies of local councils.


Gulshan Asatova,

Head of the Sector of the Central Council of the

People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.



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